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What could win over fans of Motley Crue, OneRepublic, and Peter, Paul, & Mary but the honest and vulnerable songs of Julie Belle? Julie has proven she can connect with any audience, whether it's through her piano-and-strings cover of Shout at the Devil, performing with OneRepublic's Brent Kutzle, or opening for Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul, & Mary.

Growing up in a home with a mother who doubled as a piano teacher made music a likely path for Julie Belle. By the time she was four years old she was learning to read music, even before she learned to read English. 

In 2011, Julie released her long-awaited debut EP, Run. "I should have called that first EP 'Songs from a Tired Heart.' I listen to those songs now and can't believe how vulnerable they are. I was too tired to be anything but honest."

Julie's newest EP, You Were Younger, reflects on growing up near Detroit, which has undoubtedly deeply informed her music, both in lyric and in sound. You Were Younger features instrumentation expected on a country album, but used in subtle ways that appeal to fans of a wide variety of genres, from rock, to Americana, to pop. Just like Detroit, Julie's music is sad but sweet, broken-hearted but hopeful, with no frills and no gimmicks -- fueled by honest reflections of struggle, stories of survival, and unrelenting resilience.

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