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"Melodic instrumentals can break your heart, her sweet voice, pained but practiced songwriting, and uncomplicated compositions are at once comforting, hopeful, and lush with effortless talent."

-Elmore Magazine, "Burning" Review

"Julie's vocals rise like smoke wafting into the air, pure and fluttering but piercing and ethereal voice on the wind that finds poetry in internal conflict... Her musicality is truly fascinating, layering soundscapes in a way that feels minimalist and abstract but heavily textured at the same time. She's on the edge of multiple genres, with indie rock being the most prominent, but she never abandons Americana and seems most at home hovering above the fence, refusing to be pinned down."

-For the Country Record, Album Review

"Belle's ethereal vocals float effortlessly through the songs, tinged with moody blues."

-The Boot, Album Review

"Her voice beams, powerful like a beacon, and you feel supernaturally compelled to follow it towards a safe and longed-for destination."

-The Autumn Roses, "Long Road" Review

"She's a storyteller, her tale affectionately-described, its blood flowing with humanity and a sense of place deeply understood and unselfishly conveyed. There's so much more, though, because she's a musician and singer as well, her vision exceptional and her voice clear, emotionally deep and gloriously heartbreaking."

-The Autumn Roses, Album Review

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